Wedding Dentistry

Bridal dentistry or Marriage dentistry is a very new branch of aesthetic dentistry which can revitalize your smile and make it look dazzling and bright in your wedding. We here at ''E Smyle Design'' offer a host of dental services for both brides and grooms that you may need for your special day. It includes first appointment consultation, registering your smiles with photographs and models, analysing your smile and accordingly make a treatment plan, planning dates for the treatment and finally give a smile that suits you best.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the one day you are guaranteed to be smiling and photographed the most ! At E Smyle Design, we know how important your smile is, especially on your big day, and we can help you create your perfect smile with our Wedding Day Smiles.

Everybody wants their wedding photos to show off their lovely, youthful, happy smile. At E Smyle Design we can help your wedding dreams come true by helping you achieve this in time for your wedding day.

When your dentist provides you with a wedding makeover they will consider your overall facial appearance. This not only includes your teeth colour, width, shape and alignment, it will include your lips, gum tissue and your skin tone and hair colour. We believe that everyone is an individual and your smile makeover will be custom designed to meet your unique and personal needs.

Dark, stained, yellow and discoloured teeth can give the impression of an aged or unhealthy mouth. If you are not happy with the colouration of your teeth this could be addressed by teeth whitening, deep cleaning or dental veneers. If you have sliver amalgam dental fillings, these could be replaced with tooth coloured fillings to match your natural teeth.

The colour of your teeth is an important consideration during the planning of and preparation for a wide range of dental treatments, including dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, composite bonding and dental inlays and onlays. Often it is recommended that teeth are whitened before more complex treatment, so additional dental treatment is matched to the new whiter tooth shade. This means that at the end of your smile makeover you have achieved your optimum white smile.

People with teeth that are unaligned often end up covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk. You want to be doing this on your wedding day. If you have teeth that are crooked, overlapped or have minor gaps, these can be straightened by short-term orthodontics with the six month smiles or quick straight teeth systems, or improved with dental veneers.

If you have missing teeth this often prevents people from smiling. Replacing any missing teeth is a key part of what we deliver as part of our smile makeovers at E Smyle Design. Teeth can be replaced with Dental Implants, Dental Bridges or Partial Dentures.

If you have cracked, chipped or uneven teeth, this can be addressed with composite bonding to give an overall even smile. Worn teeth can give the impression of an aged mouth. Teeth can be reshaped and lengthened to give a more youthful appearance using dental composites and veneers.

All aspects of your facial appearance are considered Beautiful smiles can be created by combining multiple treatments Youthful looking teeth can be created The wedding day is special. All the eyes are on the bride and the bridegroom, they are the stars of the day. A lot of attention is given to clothes, makeup, jewellery, accessories etc, but you can’t ignore the importance of the smile, without which your wedding preparation is incomplete. Someone has rightly said “The prettiest thing you can wear is a Smile”

You will probably never smile more than on your wedding day and the chances are; you will probably never have your picture taken more than on your special day either. The smiles captured on this day will be a lifelong treasure for you and your family. A good smile will make you more confident. That is why you need to have a perfect smile, and this is where we step in.

As your wedding Dentist, we can help you have a perfect smile for your perfect day! We are more than happy to improve your smile for any special occasion and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We recommend you meet us at least 3-4 weeks prior to your big day.

These are the few essential procedures which can enhance your smile Teeth Whitening: Experience the latest whitening technology to brighten your wedding smile. We can help you select the best teeth whitening option for you.

A thorough and gentle cleaning removes surface staining and discoloured buildup (tartar) from teeth for a beautiful wedding smile.

With gentle smoothing, we can subtly reshape teeth, remove uneven edges and correct small amounts of crookedness present on your teeth. We can also create the illusion that your teeth are straighter. This service can have a big impact on your wedding smile.This is also a great option for a last minute fix.

It is a delicate procedure where an analysis of your smile is done and gummy smile is corrected by removing excess visible gums. The procedure is best carried out 4-6 weeks prior to the ceremony and is a permanent fix. Treatment for black gums: If you are concerned about your black gums, we have a solution for it. A depigmentation procedure can give you a pink and healthy looking gums.

This painless, reversible procedure can correct chipped out tooth and fill in spaces. Like reshaping, this is a great option for a last minute fix.

For a drastic change in your wedding smile, porcelain veneers or crowns are the best options.

Beautiful crystals can be bonded on the tooth for instant glamor. These crystals come in various shapes and colors. It only takes 15 minutes to stick crystals onto the teeth dental jewelry.

Straighten your teeth with removable clear trays that don’t hide your teeth like braces. No one will ever know that you are wearing braces Treatment for Snoring: A recent survey has shown that 45% of people snore and snoring can cause serious problems in a marriage. Marital complaints about snoring are common and they can have significant implications for each member of the couple as well as for their relationship as a whole.