Question and Answer

Question:- What is “Wedding Dentistry/Special Event Dentistry “?

Answer:-Wedding Dentistry/Special Event Dentistry is for anyone who wants a bright, healthy and beautiful smile that will be captured in photographs for memories that last a lifetime.At Dental Planet, we will improve smiles before an important occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or any other special events. We will give you that bright confident smile you desire for your special day.

What are my options if my special event is coming up next week?

Answer:- Smile enhancement does not always require a lot of time. Techniques such as reshaping, bonding, and teeth whitening can make a dramatic impact on your smile in just one day. At your personalized consultation, we will be more than happy to offer you options that will suit you and address all your concerns.

Is wedding dentistry only for the bride?

Answer:-No. Wedding dentistry is for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile for a special occasion. Everyone wants a great smile for the photographer. We offer special prices for the entire bridal party and family members.