Digital Stimulation

By studying the patient’s face and teeth, we design a unique smile for individual patient- on a computer digitally. Achieving a beautiful smile can allow an individual to feel good about themselves. At E Smyle Design, our experts are dedicated to finding treatments that work each patient’s unique needs to give them a desired look. A fresh smile can greatly boost your self-confidence. We take tile to fully understand what you are looking to get from a cosmetic treatment. This allows us to come up with a customized treatment plan for you.

  • High satisfaction with your new smile.
  • Truly customized results- no two smile designs are exactly alike.
  • A natural look that complements overall appearance
  • Increased confidence throughout the treatment process
  • Multidisciplinary approach preserves health and hygiene

In the first visit at our studio, a few digital Photos and Videos of the patient’s face are taken. Our smile Designers and Architects will then design the patient’s new smile on a digital platform , Tablet/ Laptop, LED screen, LCD Screen.