Digital Implantology

Digital implantology leads to extraordinary results in treating missing teeth with dental implant, having considered precision, accuracy and speed of execution of the performed treatment. Non traumatic implant insertion and in a perfectly correct position will not be subject to trauma from mastication forces or from microbial aggression in the dental plaque, serving the patient for decades, even for life. Implant position into the bone must be properly enclosed three dimensional, from neighboring teeth as well as from antagonist teeth (opposed) in order to function exactly like a natural tooth. So, thanks to specialists and advanced technology, we are proud to offer out patients predictable treatments: not on short or medium term, but on the LONG TERM, as they desire!

The treatment by dental implant can be an extremely safe one with a high predictability rate on the long term when the doctor has the knowledge and required experience, quality materials and advanced instruments in order to plan and perform the intervention without flaws.

  •  Digital impression of dental arcades (teeth, gum, bone);
  •  Dental tomography;
  •  Virtual planning of the implant and crown;
  •  Surgical guide;

At our center, the treatment involves using 100% digital technology for inserting the dental implant with maximum precision and minimally invasive. When the clinical situation allows it (no deficit of volume and bone density) patients can benefit in a single appointment from a COMPLETE TREATMENT WITH DENTAL IMPLANT. Precise, without risks, functional, esthetic. In a word, predictable on a long-term basis.

Clinical procedure:

Digital impression of denture – With the aid of (CAD) CEREC AC system equipped with a tiny video camera, the prosthetics we record the digital impression of the implanting area – neighboring teeth, space with missing tooth, opposing teeth). Without spoons or uncomfortable impression materials.

Implant positioning starts from the correct position of the crown! – Digital planning of the implant crown is made with the intuitive software.

Radiology pattern creation – With thermoplastic material in which the scanning body is introduced.

Dental tomography – Performed with the surgical template within the patient’s mouth by scanning with the dental CT .

Radiology diagnosis – using the software from the dental CT scanner we will first analyze, with high precision, in 3D perspective the bone offer in which the dental implant will be inserted – bone quantity (length and width) and bone quality (bone density).

Simultaneously, we will identify all anatomic formations that should be avoided during surgery, so that the patient won’t be exposed to useless risks.

CM3D – Perfect overlap of the two investigations (optic imprint and dental tomography); we will virtually determine position and ideal alignment of the implant and prosthetic abutment according with the previously designed crown.

Surgical intervention (implant insertion) – Surgical guide is attached on the neighboring teeth of the implanting area and through sequential order, in only a couple of minutes the bone is drilled with surgical drills from the implant kit. Immediately after, the dental implant is inserted within the bone with micron precision. The surgical guide won’t allow bone drilling mistakes because it is perfectly calibrated, implanting being executed strictly according with the virtual planning. Therefore, bone drills as well as dental implants, cannot deviate from the planned situation. Safe for the doctor and without stress for the patient!

Manufacturing and mounting the zirconium prosthetic abutment – If the clinical situation allows immediate prosthetic charge, also with the aid of CAD/CAM, the zirconium abutment will be immediately carried out and attached to the implant.

Manufacturing the dental crown without metal – We will record a new optic impression of the prosthetic abutment and neighboring teeth, and in less than an hour we will design and precisely drill, with the CAD/CAM technology, an esthetic and biocompatible crown, without metal.