The Much Awaited Introductio

The human skull contains several air spaces called sinuses, which are connected to our air passages.They have no particular function, but it is theorised that they make the head lighter. Maxillary sinus is located in the upper jaw directly above the molar and bicuspid teeth.

OR sinus elevation is a bone grafting procedure that builds bone volume below the maxillary sinus before a dental implant can be placed. When upper back teeth are lost, bone in that area naturally shrinks or resorbs over time.

Consequently your sinuses expand to occupy the empty space where the bone used to be. Because there is insufficient bone available to securely place the dental implant , your implantologist might suggest sinus lift procedure in order to create space for placing additional bone in that area.

Sinus lift requires a complex surgical procedure and waiting time for a final prosthetic work on implants in that region lasts even upto a year.