What is Root canal Treatment

This is a branch of dentistry tha is concerned with the identification and treatment of infected tooth or dental pulp. the dental procedure tha is used to treat such cases is called"Endodontic Therapy", More commonly know as "Root Canal Treatment". This is one of the widely used procedures in the field of dentistry across the globe.

Root canal Treatment involves a sequence of steps to identify and treat or disinfect the damaged or infected tooth. once our expert dentist or Endodontis analyzes the problem with the help of an X-Ray, you will be suggested Root Canal Treatment in case of nerve damage or tooth pulp infection.The following are certain few steps tha are common for root canal tretment cases.

Administration of local anesthesia to numb any pain caused during the treatment.

Making an opening(canal) to remove of the damaged or infected dental pulp.Cleaning or Disinfecting the damaged area.

Filling the roots with "Gutta-Percha" material.

Sealing the canal with the cement.