What is Periodontics?

This is a branch of dentistry that deals with the identification and treatment of problems related to the structures that surround or support the teeth. The most notable dental problem that is concerned with Periodontics is “Gum Disease” or “Inflammation of Gums” or “Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease and Complications:

This disease causes mild to severe inflammation to the gums and can result in the damage or loss of the bone that supports the teeth. If proper care and measures are not taken in time, this can lead to advanced periodontitis and also can affect other vital organs of the body. Apart from oral infections, it may cause diabetes and can also affect the functioning of the heart causing strokes and heart diseases.

Stages and Diagnosis:

Based on the stages or intensity of the problem, this is categorized into Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and advanced Periodontitis. The subsequent treatment procedure will also be depending on this intensity of the disease which will be determined by the expert Periodontist.


This is the first stage of the disease where we can observe mild inflammation of the gums and symptoms of moderate pain. At this stage,the bone structures surrounding the teeth are not yet affected and hence it can be cured relatively easily.


During this stage, the fibers and the bone supporting the teeth would be severely affected and needs utmost professional care to help you get rid of this disease. The treatment procedure can take longer time than that of Gingivitis and it also requires intense and improved personal hygiene to achieve complete cure.

Advanced Stage:

This is a stage where the gums, bone structure, and fiber are irreversibly damaged and it requires removal of teeth. In such cases, our expert Periodontist will suggest alternate options that is installation of bridges or crowns with the help of implants.