Basal Implantology, also known as Bi-Cortical Implantology.

Unlike the conventional dental implants, which utilise the spongy alveolar bone, basal implants are anchored in the cortical the hardest bone. The place of anchorage and the special design gives the most advantages of basal implants over the traditional implants. There is no need of waiting time for the implants to heal. Basal implants immediately after insertion are already integrated in the best available bone.

Patients with advanced periodontal disease, basal implants can be placed immediately after tooth extractions. Patient come with ailing loose teeth and in few hours leaves with aesthetically pleasant stable teeth. Due to the basal anchorage, unaffected healthy bone areas are utilized for implant anchorage. Bcs implants utilise the bone beyond the apex of former roots, while BOI implants utilise the cortical walls of jaw bones.

Immediate inplant after tooth extraction:

Immediate implantation is possible even in cases with periodontal involvement.

Considerable time savings.

Considerable time savings.

Cost/ benefit ratio is excellent.

Favourable Distribution of bio-mechinical load:

Masticatory loads are distributed only to the cortical regions.

Cortical bone is more resistant to resorption and stronger and also regenerate more quickly..

Force transmission occurs far away from the site of bacterial invasion.

Advantages of Immediate Loading Implant basal inplant:

Permanent teeth in 3 days.

Avoidance of bone grafts.

Single piece implantology.

Basal bone support.

Minimally invasive flapless procedure.

Implant treatment for smokers and diabetic patients.

Utilization of Patient ownBone Substance:

Cost and time savings

Avoidance of augmentation procedures.

Avoidance of additional surgical risks.

Any patient treated with basal implants can have his chewing function immediately restored. Even patients with low quality and quantity of bone can be treated in immediate loading protocol without any additional often expensive and invasive bone buildup techniques. There is no need of waiting time for the bone to heal after extraction, this is possible because basal implants are anchored in the areas remote from extraction sites.